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Ruffled Fantasies the movie

Written and Directed by Rob Mitchell

  Ruffled Fantasies - 2005

A high action film about the smuggling of young Russian girls into the US for sale into the sex slave market.

This film was completed in the summer of 2005 in Miami Florida, featuring prominent local talent.

Mychael Francis
Mychael just recently appeared in the new TV pilot entitled 'South Beach', airing on FOX television Wednesday nights. He can also be seen in Transporter 2, Bad Boys 2 and Miami Vice.

George 'Tako' Maniatakos
Tako brings a menacing presence to Ruffled Fantasies, drawing on his experience in Bad Boys 2 and Transporter 2.

Hal Kreitman
Another film veteran with appearances in South Beach, and Bad Boys 2 .

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3.6 megs

The Boat Watcher movie

Written by Rob Mitchell
and Michelle Durocher


The Boat Watcher - 2004

Completed in Miami in 2004, the Boat Watcher introduces Michelle Durocher in her acting debut. Michelle has gone on to star in several other Indies including 'The Notary", part of the 2005 48 Hour Film Project, which won the Audience Choice Award.

Set in a Miami boat yard , this short horror fim plunges young Sarah into the unknown as she comes face to face with the past.

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