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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola ad

Sunquest Vacations

Sunquest Vacatons

Photography- Rob Mitchell

Santana Band

Photographed in Hollywood, Florida for Warner Brothers. This CD/DVD combo was put together to teach the art of playing the congas.
A week in the studio with some of the greatest musicians in the world

All photos © Rob Mitchell


Santana Karl
El_Negro Horns




Jimmy Buffett Fins Mick


Filming with Jimmy Buffett at Bahia Cabana Beach Resort Ft. Lauderdale, for the Rybovitch Yacht release party.  

On location with Mick Jagger and the
Rolling Stones during the recording of
Emotional Resue at Compass Point
Recording Studios - Nassau

Flirty Girl FitnessShooting the Flirty Girl Fitmess Video , Toronto

Don Lorenzo Rums - Bahamas

Photographed in the studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for Don Lorenzo Rums of the Bahamas. Five hundred pounds of sand was brought in, plus the wreck of a boat to create this ad. The final shot was then composed digitally using a beach scene from the Bahamas.






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